Parkway cares about others, both here and in distant places. It is our mission to make visible the concern of God for human need through our community service and to be a channel of interdenominational cooperation. 

Since August 2005, Parkway has provided housing and support services for over 1,000 recovery volunteers from around the USA. This program has reached the tangible needs of people in our congregation and our community.  Our mission projects extend beyond disaster recovery. We work with churches in Northern Ireland through the Ulster Project to facilitate peace through understanding. We tutor children from our adopted school, Airline Park Elementary, through the S.T.A.I.R. reading program. Our children lead a Penny Mission, which supports local mission programs. Parkway provides resources for Westminster Tower, a facility for low income elderly residents and for Second Harvest, the local food bank. We also accept food donations for Jefferson Presbyterian Church’s food bank.

Parkway’s Pre-School is a certified, licensed school with a national reputation of excellence, that provides education for over 300 children from age 14-months through Kindergarten. The school has been in continuous operation since 1955, and counts numerous three-generation families among the graduates.

Our youth group leads worship on a regular basis, and participates in mission events at church and in the community.

Below are some of the programs that are part of Parkway's efforts to service those concerns.

Habitat for Humanity


The mission of New Orleans Area Habitat for Humanity is to eliminate poverty housing from the New Orleans area and to make decent shelter a matter of conscience and action. Habitat for Humanity serves God's people in need of decent housing, and aims to fulfill its mission, family by family, house by house. 
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Stephen Ministry Program
Read more about Stephen Ministry at Parkway

All of us have times in our lives when we are struggling with very difficult decisions, or trying to cope with change, loss, grief, impossible relationships, etc. At such times it is helpful to be able to express your thoughts and feelings to someone who is objective, nonjudgmental, caring and a reflective listener who will maintain the confidentiality of what is said. Stephen Ministers receive fifty hours of training to help them become such listeners. If you feel you could benefit from having a Stephen Minister, or know someone who might need help, or you would like to become a Stephen Minister, please contact Rev. Tom Oler at the church office or email Blair Sundquist at wbsundquist@bellsouth.net. All communication will be kept in the strictest confidence. 
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"Start the Adventure in Reading" is a tutorial program to help children in the second grade improve their reading and study skills. Volunteer tutors at Parkway work with individual children from the Airline Park Elementary School. Tutors are trained, and tutoring sessions are given on Monday and Wednesday afternoons. 
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Boy Scouts of America

Boy Scout Troop #232 meets at 4:00 pm every Sunday afternoon at Parkway. If you would like more information about the troop, call the church office. 
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Ulster Project of New Orleans

The Ulster Project is dedicated to promoting a peaceful parity of esteem between Roman Catholics and Protestants in Northern Ireland by building tolerance, trust, and ongoing positive relationships among potential leaders from these Christian traditions. Under the sponsorship of the Ulster Project, Parkway participates in an exchange program that brings youth (half Catholic and half Protestant) from the province of Ulster in Northern Ireland to the United States for an opportunity to see the way Americans have learned to live together in their "melting pot" society.  Building bridges between Protestant and Catholic families is the aim of this project. New Orleans and Parkway Church have been involved in this worthwhile project for 13 years. Peace in Northern Ireland can be obtained through communication, understanding and friendship. The Ulster Project is dedicated to this effort through these young people. Over 200 Northern Ireland families and an equal number of American families have been touched by this project. Contact the Church Office if you'd like more information or to become part of the Ulster Project. 
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Second Harvest Food Bank

America's Second Harvest is the nation's largest domestic hunger relief organization. Through a network of over 200 food banks and food-rescue programs, we distribute food to 26 million hungry Americans each year, eight million of whom are children. Parkway's adults and youth help support the New Orleans food bank by volunteering to "run the line" at the warehouse and through several yearly food donation programs. 
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Blood Drive

Parkway participates in the Ochsner Blood Bank Replacement Program. Each September, Parkway members who fit blood-giving criteria gather at the church to perform this civic and humanitarian service. Parkway has participated in this way for over 20 years. Human blood is a commodity which saves lives and is in short supply. The members of Parkway look upon the giving of blood as something that can be done for their fellow woman or man, people whom they will never meet, but the impact of which on the recipient's lives is immeasurable. An added by-product of this outreach program is that all members of Parkway are covered for blood replacement for the full year. In addition, several of our members give blood or platelets throughout the year, adding to the precarious blood supply. 
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Westminster Tower Retirement Housing

Westminster Tower was opened in January 1981 as a mission of the Presbytery of South Louisiana to provide affordable housing for elderly and handicapped. In the summer of 1980, the Friends of Westminister Tower, a volunteer organization, was established. Since its opening, Parkway members have given many hours of leadership and support. Westminister Towers is a much loved mission of the people of Parkway. Parkway members continue to serve on the Westminister Tower Board, the Westminister Foundation Board, and the Friends of Westminister Board. 
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Alcoholics Anonymous

Alcoholics Anonymous meetings are held at Parkway every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 8:00 pm. 
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