About Us

Parkway Presbyterian Church is a congregation of God’s people seeking to be transformed by the Holy Spirit as we minister to our members and our community. We learn what it means to be the body of Christ as we journey together through our individual faith walks, rejoicing in the diversity of ages and backgrounds, reaching out to share the good news of Christ with others. This specifically involves:

  • Growth in love of God and the understanding of our reformed Christian faith through worship services, prayer, celebration of the sacraments, and Bible study.
  • Growth in love of our neighbors as we reach out to others to meet their individual needs as well as the needs of the community. This need is especially great as the Greater New Orleans community recovers from the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina.
  • Growth in love of ourselves by delivering hope to each other. As we realize that we are deeply loved by God, we are challenged to utilize our unique gifts to serve our church, city, state, country, and world for the betterment of all God’s people.