Mission & Goals

Goals of Parkway Pre-School
TO guide the child in forming habits which promote mental, social, emotional and physical health.
TO guide the child in forming habits of respect, safety, courtesy, self-confidence, responsibility, independence and cooperation.
TO enrich the child's background and thereby create a basic readiness for school experiences and cultural activities.
TO give the child an opportunity for creative self-expression.
TO help the child make a satisfactory social adjustment to school life by learning to live and get along with others in an enjoyable way and to make parents aware of the child's progress.
TO inform parents of opportunities to improve parenting skills.
To reach these goals Parkway offers a "hands-on" type program which allows each child to participate in a variety of age appropriate experiences such as:

  • Arts and crafts
  • Creative activities
  • Manipulative games and toys
  • Stories, poetry, dramatic play
  • Math and science concepts 
  • Pre-reading and readiness activities
  • Motor development and music
  • Field trips and/or cultural events

And learn to:        

  • share and co-operate
  • explore, experience and discover
  • make decisions and take responsibility  
  • develop self-expression
  • develop listening skills
  • experience success

Conclusion: Early childhood is that magical time when both fact and fantasy can live joyously in the heart of a child and so it is a time to be enjoyed and preserved. Yet it is a  pivotal time, for whatever the child hears, sees and does today will greatly influence his tomorrow. It is a time when seeds of positive self-imagery, self-mastery, self-discipline and Christian growth need to be planted so that they may ripen into the child's future life.