Sunday Morning at Parkway

Sundays at Parkway start with our 8:30 am SonRise Service.  This is a 40 minute service that focuses on prayer, scripture and song. In addition, communion is served during this service.  Those that come to this service like the casual approach - but really enjoy the focus on scripture and the sharing in communion.  At 9:15 am we offer two adult Sunday School classes and a children's Sunday School class.  One of the adult classes focuses on a Bible Study, while the other class tackles current topics and how we as Christians respond to those topics.  At 10:30 am is our "traditional" worship service.  While we consider our 10:30 am Worship Service to be traditional, from a Presbyterian perpesctive - we do work to incorporate different forms of worship into this service. You will find that some of our members enjoy dressing up for Worship, while others are comfortable in jeans and casual attire.  So in other words, all attire is welcome.  We also have childcare available during the Sunday School hour and the 10:30 am Worship Service.