Pastor's Message

I am blessed to be the pastor of Parkway. I arrived back in New Orleans (I am a native New Orlenian) after serving in both the church and in the USAF from 1988-2008. Being able to come back home and at the same time serve in new contexts has been exciting and interesting. Parkway is a church that is outwardly focused and I have watched this church host literally hundreds upon hundreds of mission workers, feed the hungry, cloth the unclothed, bring joy to underprivilidged children, and host all sorts of groups from AA, NA, ALANON, to the Ulster Project (working for peace and reconciliation in Northern Ireland). I still serve in the Air National Guard as a chaplain. I am married to a wonderful woman and we have two super children. I hope to serve here for many years to come. Why come to Parkway? Because no matter your walk of life, no matter your background, you will be welcomed. We are focused on seeking God's call for us and to be a church for Christ in the 21st century on the east bank of Jefferson Parish. You need not be Presbyterian, live in Airline Park (the subdivision where we are located), or even have been in church for years to be welcome here. Hospitality is the real gift here and whoever comes, we welcome you. Come and seek Jesus with us. We would be happy to have you.